Join Parade, Concept Logistics, and Tai TMS for a Freight Tech Webinar



Jul 11, 2022

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We invite you to join us for a webinar on July 21, 2022, at 1 PM ET where Parade’s very own Elise Le, VP of Customer Experience, Sean McGillicuddy, VP of Sales and Marketing at Tai TMS, and Greg Finnerty, VP of Operations at Concept Logistics will get together to discuss the importance of building better carrier relationships and the ways that technology can help facilitate that relationship building for modern brokerages.

Check out the webinar here, and go ahead and register while you’re there to ensure you’ve got a spot on the big day.

Tech is Helping Concept Build Lasting, Mutually Beneficial Carrier Relationships

At the webinar, you’ll learn why Concept believes better carrier relationships will be critical as the freight market continues to evolve and how technology is helping them fulfill its carrier relationship-building goals. Attendees will also discuss both the importance of carrier reuse and the impact that it can have on brokerages’ bottom line.

Concept Found New Ways to Use Parade and Tai TMS

Both Tai and Parade are designed to help brokers be more efficient and get more done in a day. Still, the team at Concept Logistics took these solutions’ streamlined workflows, automated processes, and configurability to the next level. By working with features across both systems, the brokerage has been able to make one of its biggest shippers almost entirely self-serving.

Want to find out more about how they did that? Be sure to join us for the webinar on July 21, 2022, at 1:00 PM ET to tap into the collective knowledge and innovation Concept Logistics, Parade, and Tai TMS bring to the table.

Be sure to reserve your place at the webinar today! Spots may be limited and we’d hate for anyone to miss out. You can register here.

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