New Feature: Parade Expands Carrier Procurement Capabilities



Sep 27, 2023

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Addressing Freight Brokers' Unique Challenges

Our new feature is more than just an expansion of Parade’s Source product; it’s a response to the unique challenges that freight brokers face in today’s rapidly evolving carrier procurement landscape. Integrating detailed FMCSA inspection data with our proprietary analytics, this tool offers brokers an unparalleled view of carrier activity on any given lane in the continental US. 

The result? An innovative, powerful tool that empowers brokers to procure new capacity, generate new leads, and make more informed decisions with confidence.

Harnessing Cutting-Edge AI for Optimal Results

Parade broker customers will now be able to access lane predictions generated by an AI model trained on publicly available data.

What’s more, our tool offers an interactive map that verifies carriers’ stated routes with inspection reports and in-depth fleet data. With this feature, brokers can ensure that carriers have the necessary equipment to handle their freight.

“Our expanded Source tool is a game-changer for freight brokers, Our customers have told us that when they’re covering a load, they need access to the carriers who do that lane – not just carriers who say they might. With this update, we’re delivering exactly that: the best carriers who really haul on each lane, for any lane in America – instantly at your fingertips.” -Lindsay Watt, VP of Product at Parade.


Streamlining Carrier Lifecycle Management

Our new procurement feature doesn’t stop at powerful carrier discovery capabilities. We also offer comprehensive carrier lifecycle management features. These include streamlined carrier qualification processes and advanced fraud mitigation tools. By analyzing carriers’ equipment and travel history, our tool minimizes the risk of fraud and double brokering. This creates a safer, more reliable platform for brokers.


Integrating with Your TMS for Seamless Operations

At Parade, we are committed to leveraging technology to solve the industry’s most pressing challenges. As part of this commitment, our new carrier procurement feature integrates seamlessly with your TMS. This allows brokerages to add carriers, enter quotes, and digitally book loads within a single, user-friendly platform.


Accessing the Future of Freight Brokerage

Our new procurement feature will be available to Parade freight broker customers as part of our Capacity product plan in October ’23.  

Get ready to experience the future of freight brokerage. With Parade’s innovative carrier procurement tool, you’ll be able to make more informed, confident decisions, streamline your operations, and grow your business like never before.

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