Parade and FleetOps Join Forces to Empower Brokers with Enhanced Carrier Access

Press Release


Oct 31, 2023

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Today Parade is announcing a strategic partnership with FleetOps, a comprehensive transportation management platform that connects to a vast network of carriers seamlessly. The alliance between Parade and FleetOps adds depth to the freight brokerage landscape by enabling Parade brokers to book more freight efficiently with FleetOps carriers and addresses the increasing demand for streamlined, data-driven solutions to meet the challenges of the modern supply chain. 

The FleetOps platform provides real-time visibility, transparent pricing, and user-friendly tools that simplify the freight booking process on both ends. FleetOps has established itself as a trusted partner for companies seeking to streamline their supply chain operations and scale their businesses.

“Partnering with FleetOps offers freight brokers a powerful combination of our platforms,” said Anthony Sutardja, CEO of Parade. “Our shared commitment to freight innovation amplifies customer access to carriers to efficiently book more loads.”

The partnership between Parade and FleetOps will enable freight brokers to access and book FleetOps’ extensive network of more than 227,000 trucks directly through the Parade platform. Brokers will benefit from real-time load visibility, transparent pricing, efficient digital transactions, and advanced analytics to make data-driven decisions. This integration will not only save brokers time but also empower them to make more informed choices when booking freight.

“Our partnership with Parade aligns perfectly with our mission to simplify freight management and optimize transportation,” said Chris Atkinson, CEO at FleetOps. “Together, we will empower brokers to unlock new levels of efficiency and growth in their operations.”

Key benefits of the Parade and FleetOps partnership include:

  • Streamlined Operations: Freight brokers can efficiently locate and book the right loads, reducing manual efforts and wasted time..

  • Access to a Broad Carrier Network: Brokers gain access to FleetOps’ extensive network of carriers, expanding their opportunities for business growth.

  • Cost Efficiency: Intelligent freight matching and optimization algorithms minimize empty miles and transportation expenses, increasing overall profitability.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Brokers can make informed choices using advanced analytics and real-time load visibility.

  • Sustainable Freight Solutions: By reducing empty miles and optimizing routes, the partnership contributes to a more sustainable supply chain.

For more information about the partnership and benefits to brokerages, please contact us or visit

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