Parade and Tai Software Partner to Bring Gen AI to Tai TMS Users

Press Release


May 14, 2024

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We invite you to watch our informative webinar about our feature announcement featuring Parade, Tai Software, and mutual customer, ARL Logistics.


San Francisco, CA - Parade, the leading provider of capacity management that offers automation and AI solutions for freight brokerages, has announced the integration and new functionality of Capacity CoDriver, a groundbreaking generative AI tool that integrates seamlessly with Tai Software's Transportation Management System (TMS). This innovative collaboration marks a significant milestone in the freight brokerage industry, setting new standards for operational efficiency and productivity across connected technology partners.

Capacity CoDriver is designed to revolutionize the traditional freight brokerage workflow by tackling the challenges of email overwhelm and operational bottlenecks. Key benefits reported from customers include:

  • Automated responses to carrier inquiries in under a minute

  • Up to 4X increase in digital quotes volume 

  • 2X improvement in load booking efficiency

Parade's Capacity CoDriver AI tool generates quotes and injects them directly into the Tai TMS, optimizing broker-carrier interactions, streamlining negotiations, and accelerating the load-booking process. By leveraging the power of generative AI, this solution enables freight brokerages to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and productivity.

 "Our commitment to innovation through AI is about more than just keeping pace; it's about setting a new pace alongside our partner ecosystem. Capacity CoDriver enables our clients to seize every opportunity swiftly and efficiently, redefining their potential and performance in the freight industry," according to Anthony Sutardja, CEO of Parade.

The partnership between Parade and Tai Software combines the strengths of both platforms, delivering a powerful toolset that drives efficiency, accelerates load booking, and enhances profitability for mutual customers.

From emails and communications to accounting and reporting, Tai is uniquely able to offer additional value to brokers with products like Parade CoDriver. Based on Tai’s advanced and intuitive Broker TMS for truckload and LTL freight, Tai creates a seamless end to end experience for users required for successful AI deployment and customer success.

 “Brokers love Tai because we make it easier for them to talk to their carriers and customers and build stronger relationships. It's so important for businesses to find pockets of automation and move fast in email because it alleviates the waiting game that takes away from volumes and margins. Tai is uniquely built to make relationship management easy, including embedded email functionality right within the system. This partnership with Parade enhances that communication and elevates the playing field." - Walter Mitchell, CEO of Tai Software

Tai and Parade customer Matt Newcomb (Director of Carrier Relations at ARL Logistics) has experienced the benefits of Capacity CoDriver firsthand, shared, "Before CoDriver, managing emails and phone calls consumed three to four hours per day per rep. Now, tasks are largely automated, turning hours of work into minutes. We're responding to carriers at a speed that actually lets us keep up with demand without the usual lag that could cost us opportunities."

The introduction of Capacity CoDriver marks a new era in freight brokerage operations. By harnessing the power of generative AI, freight brokers can now experience increased efficiency, a significant uptick in quote volume, and a streamlined process for load booking, setting the stage for scalable growth and success in the competitive freight market.

About Tai Software:

Tai Software is a fully integrated platform for freight management, offering companies efficiency and growth opportunities. Tai TMS streamlines operations through full-scale automation for Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less than Truckload (LTL) shipments, integrating with major carriers and technology partners for end-to-end automation. With over 500 tool integrations and 20 years of tech innovation, freight brokers rely on Tai TMS for domestic freight management solutions and business empowerment to focus on strategic growth by supporting their representatives.

About Parade:

Parade is the leading AI-enabled capacity management platform that empowers freight brokers to supercharge their customer-facing and carrier-facing teams. Parade supercharges your existing brokerage TMS and tools to reutilize carriers, streamline workflows, and automate load-bookings. Top freight brokerages use Parade to expand capacity coverage, scale teams, and grow business.

For more information on how Parade’s Capacity CoDriver can transform your freight brokerage operations, visit 

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