Parade and Join Forces to Unlock Freight Capacity

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Oct 27, 2023

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Today, Parade announced an integration partnership with, a prominent player in the digital freight marketplace. This collaboration is set to empower freight brokers by streamlining and optimizing the freight booking process, ultimately enabling brokers to book more freight with’s advanced dispatch service.’s trucking dispatch service helps brokers find qualified carriers via load-matching algorithms that account for real-time truck availability. Carriers on the platform are carefully vetted for brokers’ peace of mind. carriers can access features like optimized load lists, booking and payment through the platform, route optimization, and even a premium dispatching service to help them more effectively manage their trucking business and increase profits.

Brokerages powered by Parade can now communicate, plan, and book loads directly with carriers using the to run their trucking business. Parade’s integration with the platform enables a unified end-to-end digital booking process.

“We believe that collaboration is key to driving innovation in the logistics industry,” said Pavlo Kobzar, Co-Founder of “Our partnership with Parade aligns perfectly with our mission to simplify freight booking and optimize transportation. We are excited to work together to provide brokers with a powerful, integrated solution.” offers a comprehensive digital freight marketplace that connects shippers and carriers seamlessly. The platform provides real-time visibility, transparent pricing, and a user-friendly interface that simplifies the freight booking process for all stakeholders. With a vast network of carriers and shippers, has become a trusted partner for companies seeking to optimize their supply chain.

Loads can be sent directly from Parade’s Marketplace Syndication feature to The integration with enables the following for Parade brokerage customers:

  • Digital access to owner-operators: load visibility occurs instantly via the application

  • Consistent service: The operations team ensures visibility to drivers with booking and payment details handled via the platform

  • Transparent costs: Transparent fees to drivers ensure quality at a great price

  • Booking as usual: Brokerage reps see no disruption to their load booking process – loads reach drivers using APIs behind the scenes

“Our partnership with highlights our commitment to expanding freight brokers’ reach to where carriers do work,” said Anthony Sutardja, CEO of Parade. “This digitally-native integration means that both freight brokers and carriers will save time in booking the best available truck for the best load.”

The Parade and partnership empowers brokers with the tools they need to book more freight efficiently while improving the overall logistics ecosystem. For more information about the partnership and its benefits, please contact us for a demo or visit

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