Parade Expands Access to Carriers Partnering with TrueNorth

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Oct 18, 2023

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Parade partners with the most innovative leaders reshaping the trucking landscape. Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with TrueNorth.

TrueNorth is a pioneering technology resource for carriers, helping streamline operations to help carriers succeed as a carrier or owner-operator . Carriers on TrueNorth access a complete suite of features and resources to manage loads and easily find the brokers who will work with new authorities and start hauling immediately. 

Brokerages powered by Parade can now communicate, plan, and book loads directly with TrueNorth’s hand-selected fleet of carriers. Parade’s integration with the TrueNorth application enables a unified  end-to-end digital booking process.

“By integrating Parade’s cutting-edge technology with our platform, we’re bringing digital load booking and expanded load options to owner-operators. This collaboration is about more than just combining technologies – it’s about enriching the user experience, offering real-time, intuitive solutions in an industry where efficiency is king. We’re making strides together to ensure every TrueNorth user has the tools they need to succeed, faster and smarter.” – Jin Stedge, CEO of TrueNorth

Load opportunities can be synchronized directly from Parade’s Marketplace Syndication feature to TrueNorth’s carrier TMS. TrueNorth enables its owner-operator carriers with:

  • An all-in-one mobile platform designed for new owner-operators in the trucking industry. 

  • Simplified load booking, business management, and targeted educational resources.

  • Partnerships with factoring and equipment leasing services to boost first-year success rates in a competitive market.

  • Merging multiple load boards and broker loads into one platform for a richer pool of freight options, simplifying search and increasing earning opportunities.

“This partnership emphasizes our continued commitment to expanding access with best-in-class carriers,” said Anthony Sutardja, CEO of Parade. “We’re excited for TrueNorth’s vision to empower owner-operators as these drivers are the capacity backbone for many of our freight broker customers.”

We are excited to have partnered with TrueNorth to have defined how digitally-enabled brokerages work with next-generation trucking companies. Contact us here earn more.

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