Parade Joined Greenbush Logistics on FreightWaves to Discuss Freight Tech Success

Case Study


Sep 22, 2022

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The team talked about Greenbush’s experiences and successes while digitizing its operations. The chat started with each company giving a run-down of their history and the services they offer, then moved into the success Greenbush has seen with Parade.

Greenbush Logistics Experienced Unprecedented Time to Value with Parade

Though they just went live with Parade in June of 2022, the Abbeville, AL-based 3PL is seeing huge gains.

Some key stats that were discussed during the webinar include:

  • 13% of Greenbush’s freight is being booked digitally

  • 10% of their freight is being booked digitally with no human intervention

  • 100% of Greenbush loads have suggested matches or warm leads

  • 21% of their loads have direct matches based on hard data

  • 90% of their loads are hauled by carriers that have taken 4 or more loads over the month

Elise noted that Greenbush has shown an unprecedented time to value. Their team has really taken up the Parade battle cry and run with it.

Buy-In from the Greenbush Team Played a Big Role in Their Success

Greenbush Account Executive Blake Wallace credits some of their success with Parade to the system’s world-class UX.

“If it’s not easy for our coordinators, they’re not going to use it. Parade has done a really good job with that,” stated Blake.

Elise pointed out that a big part of the reason that Greenbush has seen the success they have with Parade is because their team is taking time to use the system, reaching out to carriers to learn about their preferences and inputting them into the system so Parade can make ideal matches.

Greenbush was very strategic in getting both their internal team and their carrier network on board before they ever went live with Parade. The forethought they showed has very likely enabled their growth and smooth transition to more digitized operations.

Parade is Helping Greenbush Logistics Build Stronger Carrier Relationships

The speakers from Greenbush pointed out that they’ve always been very relationship-focused, and Parade has helped them build even stronger relationships. For example, Greenbush coordinators can add personal details to Parade’s carrier profiles so they can keep up with not only the business needs and wants of their carriers, but their personal lives, as well. This is a great tool for them because they work with a lot of small, Mom and Pop carriers to whom that personal relationship means a lot, and they’ve built up their carrier base around those small carriers.

Greenbush’s experiences show that Parade technology enhances the relationships brokers and 3PLs already have and helps them expand their networks and build new ones.
Catch the Q&A session the speakers participated in during the webinar. You can view the recording of their chat anytime on demand by clicking here.

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