Parade Team Member Isra Found Her Spark in Helping Customers



Apr 28, 2022

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How Isra Found a Career at Parade

A recruiter had reached out to Isra during the pandemic, and despite that she wasn’t looking for a new career path, that recruiter talked her into sitting down with Parade because she would have a little more autonomy in the Parade position she was being recruited for.

The Culture Was a Huge Draw

During the interview process, Isra got the chance to speak with Anthony Sutardja, Parade’s CEO. She was very impressed by his energy and his vision for the future, so much so that she wasn’t even worried about the product itself. Isra felt confident that, with leadership like Anthony’s, Parade would be a great place to work and a great place to advance her career.

His transparency, honesty, and humble nature were key factors in her decision to make the jump and come onboard at Parade. Their conversation led her to believe that if the CEO was that great, the rest of the staff would be outstanding, as well.

She Fell in Love with Helping Brokers

Isra worked as a broker at Coyote Logistics before Parade and did a lot of work surrounding customer experience there. She loved the customer-facing work, but also enjoyed the operational side and developing her team there. The jump to her position at Parade as a Customer Experience Manager made perfect sense. She’d get to help brokers, those in her former position, to develop operations and processes that work for them, achieve ROI, and find value in the Parade system.
After nearly a year at Parade, where Isra lives in Chicago and works remotely, she’s hoping to move into a more managerial role, training a team to help Parade’s customer experience team make even more of an impact.

A Day as a Parade Customer Experience Manager

Though her schedule varies from one day to the next, Isra is always following up on customer needs and requests. She has both internal and external meetings, training meetings with customers’ management teams and super users, and support meetings where the team is working on developing processes to deliver an even better customer experience.

Her favorite part of her day is training our customers’ end-users. The impact that the system’s automation can have on their day reminds her of how busy her days as a broker rep were. She enjoys giving time back to the reps she trains so they have time to strategize and build meaningful, productive relationships with their carriers. In that way, she’s able to help the reps she works with do their best work, working smarter and not harder.

  • In her free time, Isra enjoys boxing, and she spends several hours a week in the gym. She also enjoys any activities outside like hiking, swimming, or biking, and she loves to travel.

  • Isra worked in the music industry before she got into the supply chain, so she still has friends and connections there. She goes to a lot of concerts, festivals, and open mic nights with her industry buds.

  • Though Isra mostly lives a plant-based, healthy lifestyle, fries are her favorite snack. She loves cooking for herself, including traditional Palestinian dishes.

Does a job at Parade sound like an opportunity you can’t pass up? We’re hiring for remote positions in several departments! You can check out our open positions here.

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