Parade to Join 3G in TIA Lunch and Learn



Jul 21, 2022

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Speakers Will Discuss Balancing the Human Element and Technology

For brokers, riding the waves of the freight market is simply part of the job. Technologies like automation and AI have made that easier in the past several years, but in an industry that’s built around relationships, resistance to adopting these new technologies is to be expected. However, the challenges presented by the ever-evolving industry mean that technology has become less of a might-like-to-have and more of a need-to-have.

The necessity for technology doesn’t mean that it must take over, though. When people hear words like automation and AI, there’s often an assumption that the technology will take over. After all, it’s smart, it can use the information at hand to make decisions, and sometimes it functions without human intervention. However, most freight tech providers will agree that the point of technology isn’t to replace the human element, but rather to enhance it.

The speakers will discuss how to strike the right balance between the human element and technology elements in the freight business. They’ll go over how to find the right technologies to complement your business and how to develop processes with new tech to support that balance and make staff members even more effective. Up-and-coming technologies like hyper-automation 2.0, next-gen robotics, and enhanced analytics will also feature in the conversation.

Who Is Attending?

Guests of the Lunch and Learn will not only be able to gain insights from the conversations between the industry experts present, but they’ll also be able to interact with them. Speakers include:

  • Evan Armstrong, Armstrong & Associates

  • Dawn Salvucci-Favier, Greenscreens AI

  • Lindsay Watt, Parade

  • Stephanie Richelieu Stagger, 3GTMS

How Can You Attend?

While some of TIA’s educational content requires attendees to be members of TIA, their Lunch and Learn series is open to non-members, as well. You simply fill out the registration form here and TIA will send you a confirmation email where you can add the event to your digital calendar so that you don’t miss out.

This event will be a great opportunity for brokers to learn how technology can be effectively balanced with the human element at their brokerage to provide shippers and carriers with a modern experience while maintaining the relationships that build freight businesses. Register today to save your spot by filling out this simple registration form!

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