Parade Advantage: A New Approach to Pricing and Bidding Strategy

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Oct 11, 2023

A New Era of Freight Brokerage Begins with Advantage

Advantage has been a cornerstone of Parade’s mission to help brokers secure more freight by offering the most competitive pricing. With this latest update, Advantage has evolved from merely a pricing tool to a comprehensive solution that leverages automated bidding to convert these prices into loads swiftly and efficiently.

The industry is moving to digital bidding – but unless you can actually bid based on what you pay for a truck, you’re just treading water. Enter Advantage, the only bidding platform that can price based on how you buy on every lane and combine it with automated bidding across all channels.

With Advantage, brokerages can establish a bidding strategy, and prices are immediately pushed to shippers. This automation not only streamlines the bidding process but also provides brokers with a unified view of their conversion rates, thereby enabling them to fine-tune their bidding strategy.

Combining Data-Driven Pricing and Automated Bidding

“Freight brokerages require a solution that combines data-driven pricing and automated shipper bidding to compete in a shifting freight landscape,” -Anthony Sutardja, CEO of Parade.

As shippers embrace digital rating, brokers must respond by not only bidding digitally but also rating competitively and profitably. Advantage is the first product to address these needs comprehensively, setting a new standard for the freight brokerage industry.


Capacity Data + Market Rate = Your Competitive Advantage

What sets Advantage apart is its unique combination of pricing and automated bidding. By using the market index from DAT, Parade layers personalized data from a freight broker’s carrier network to generate a price that is completely customized to an individual broker’s unique edge in the market.

Once brokers have these personalized prices, Advantage takes it a step further by allowing them to set their bidding strategy and let the tool bid on hundreds or thousands of shipper loads across all channels – from TMS to API to bid boards and beyond.

“Harnessing years of capacity data from Parade plus DAT RateView, Advantage powers real-time, accurate rates that take into account a broker’s network and relationships. The combination of this with automated bidding ensures your brokerage is poised for unparalleled growth and profitability.” – Lindsay Watt, VP of Product at Parade

Advantage is the only bidding platform to price based on capacity and carrier relationships, plus the industry’s best benchmark in DAT, on every lane and combine it with automated bidding across all channels.


Detailed Reporting for Optimized Strategies

Automated bidding calls for in-depth reporting so brokers can understand their conversion rates and optimize their strategies. Advantage delivers unparalleled insight into bidding and conversion by customer, lanes, and equipment. This granular level of detail empowers brokers to make informed decisions that drive growth and improve profitability.

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