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Sep 8, 2023

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We’re shining our spotlight on our load board partner, Trucker Path. The Phoenix-based transportation technology company has built multiple products aimed to make the lives of truck drivers across the nation easier and safer. Those drivers seem to think they’re doing a good job; more than nearly 1 million professional truck drivers use Trucker Path solutions.


Trucker Path Started as a Trip Planning Companion for Truckers

At its origin, Trucker Path was a driver navigation app that looked at things differently than the average GPS. The app was specifically designed to help large trucks make their way from origin to destination without incident. The app navigates around low bridges, roadways where trucks aren’t allowed, and any other obstacles that aren’t truck friendly. The app also helps drivers find truck stops, available parking, and other points of interest to help improve their quality of life while they’re on the road.

In 2015, Trucker Path introduced TruckLoads, a load board designed to help connect carriers with shippers and brokers with the ultimate goal of building long-lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships.


Now, Trucker Path Adds Value for the Whole Transportation Industry

Between helping drivers navigate the roads from their unique position to helping them find loads and helping shippers and brokers get loads covered, Trucker Path along with their TruckLoads load board is now in a position to add value across the entire transportation industry.

TruckLoads gives drivers the opportunity to find freight easily, even while they’re on the road, and gives brokers and shippers the opportunity to get their loads in front of the largest audience of truck drivers in North America.

To really capitalize on the added capacity pool that TruckLoads provides, brokers and shippers can use the connections they make on the TruckLoads load board to start building relationships with choice carriers.

Carriers are focused on getting freight from one place to another, and it’s very difficult for them to open free time to build relationships, But if a broker does that and does it well, they can establish a pool that they can go to immediately to solve freight problems. It’s a low-hanging fruit opportunity for brokers, and they can use our Trucker Path TruckLoads to start building relationships” – Chris Oliver, Chief Marketing Officer at Trucker Path.


Parade’s Partnership with Trucker Path Makes it Easy for Brokers to Take Advantage of Added Visibility 

When Parade partnered with Trucker Path, a pre-built integration was created to facilitate the transfer of data between Parade’s capacity management software and Trucker Path’s TruckLoads load board. For Parade customers, it’s as easy as pushing a button to post loads entered in Parade to TruckLoads. Brokers simply need to opt into the integration and they’re ready to start posting to the load board.

By posting loads to TruckLoads, brokers are getting their loads in front of nearly a million drivers. This added exposure ups their odds of finding the right carrier for the right load at the right time. 

Interested in learning more about Trucker Path’s integration with Parade?  If you’d like to learn more about how Trucker Path serves modern freight brokers, please visit Trucker Path or reach out to their team here:

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