The Latest Must Have Tool for Freight Brokerages

The transportation industry is one that’s known for being notoriously tech-resistant, but the past several years have seen that change. There’s a veritable tech boom happening in the industry now, and nearly every brokerage uses tech heavily in their daily operations now. However, there’s one tool that many companies are still missing out on: capacity management. Experienced brokers have managed to get along okay without a capacity management program, but as the industry evolves, this piece of technology is becoming a must-have to keep up with the competition. Here are some of the benefits of capacity management that make it a tool every brokerage should be considering.

Parade Team | 08.10.2022

The Benefits of Capacity Management for Freight Brokerages

Access to Digital Tools Right Out of the Gate

Digitalization is becoming more and more standard in the transportation industry, but many brokerages aren’t sure how to add digital tools without changing how they do everything. Adding capacity management does just that, adding digital tools to the existing tech stack without making huge changes in daily processes.

Parade’s capacity management tool, for example, gives customers access to our digital booking tool, Book Now, and our digital quoting tool from go-live. These tools allow carriers to book loads digitally or send quotes through a digital form, even for loads that haven’t left the brokerage’s internal load board.

It Makes Every Broker an Expert

The freight brokerage industry is rife with tribal knowledge. In the past, it could take brokers years to get to know their carrier network well enough to have a good idea of which carrier to approach with each load that came across. All that knowledge they worked for? There was often no efficient way to communicate it with other reps within the brokerage.

Capacity management gives every rep the power of that combined knowledge from day one on the job. All those carrier preferences and capacity information is synthesized in a way that’s simple for any broker to use.

Capacity Management Helps Manage Ever-Important Carrier Relationships

The capacity shortage during the pandemic spurred many brokerages to begin to place more emphasis on building better carrier relationships and adding capacity management is a great way to do that. Automated carrier outreach and sending carriers the loads they want to see are just some of the ways Parade helps build stronger carrier relationships.

Beyond actually helping reps manage carrier relationships, Parade’s capacity management solution also gives management the power to track how each broker is working on those relationships.

Automation Helps Reps Get More Done Each Day

The automation that capacity management brings to the table helps not only brokerages but also the reps they employ.

Parade capacity management’s automation handles the repetitive tasks, allowing reps more time to work on things that need a human touch, like building carrier relationships.


Everything You Need to Know About Capacity Management


Fine Tune Your Tech to Fit Your Brokerage’s Needs

It Provides Analytics

Analytics are an important part of finding success; if you can’t measure what success means to your brokerage, how do you know if you’re getting there? Parade’s capacity management provides several internal reporting features that not only help you track KPIs on a company and individual level, but also measure the success of the system itself.

Capacity Management Saves Money and Brings in More Revenues

Is your brokerage on the hunt for a tool that can take your tech stack from ordinary to extraordinary? Reach out to Parade to request a demo to see what capacity management brings to the table for your brokerage.