6 Ways Parade Helps Brokerages Gain a Competitive Advantage



Sep 6, 2022

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Here’s How Parade Can Give You a Competitive Edge

1. It Can Help Brokers Improve Relationships with Carriers

When capacity is tight, great carrier relationships can make all the difference. A carrier with whom a broker has built a relationship is more likely to go above and beyond to ensure the load gets delivered on time, and a long-standing relationship gives both parties a little more negotiating power.

Parade helps brokers build better relationships with their carrier network in several ways. First, the system sends emails out to each broker’s carrier network with loads the carrier is likely to be able to take and that they want to take. Digital booking and quote tools contribute to better carrier relationships since they give carriers options in how they want to interact with brokers. Parade brokers also have more time to have genuine interactions with carriers since automation can cut out several steps along the booking process.

2. Parade Makes Carrier Reuse Easy

Most brokers see the value in carrier reuse, but without processes in place to facilitate it, it can be easier said than done. One and done carriers found via load boards are what many brokers solely rely on for capacity, but that can be an expensive prospect in terms of both time and money.

With Parade, carrier reuse is a snap. The platform offers brokers a ranked list of carriers that our brokers have already done business with for each load and sends matched loads to those carriers automatically through our automated carrier outreach. Through integrations with carrier vetting systems, brokers can ensure carriers they’ve worked with in the past are still qualified to take their loads without ever leaving the system. 

3. It Serves as a Carrier CRM, Reducing Reliance on Tribal Knowledge

Many brokerages don’t have a formal method of collecting and organizing the data they’ve accumulated on their carrier network. Oftentimes, it lives in reps’ heads or a notebook. Even when spreadsheets are being utilized, sifting through that information to find the right carrier for a load is often not a simple prospect.

Parade helps keep track of all the information brokers collect on carriers, keeping it in one place so every rep within the brokerage has access to vital carrier information. This helps reps with less experience have a similar opportunity to find success as more experienced reps.

4. You Can Preplan Loads with Parade

Because Parade makes it easier for brokers to stay on top of their workload by making it easier to find capacity and get loads booked, they can start pre-planning loads. By booking well in advance, brokers are able to lock down capacity sooner and often improve margins in doing so.

If you’d like to hear from one of our customers about how Parade has helped them begin to plan their loads further out and keep freight off the spot market, you can check out this FreightWaves webinar we did with FreightSaver.

5. Key Integration Partners Can Help You Transform Your Tech

Parade partners with some of the leading tech providers in the transportation and logistics space, with seamless integrations to ensure our brokers’ tech stacks provide them with 360° visibility and real-time data across all their solutions, including top companies with the following types of programs:

  • Carrier onboarding and compliance tools

  • TMS programs

  • Rating benchmarks

  • Partner capacity networks

  • Visibility tools

6. Parade Helps Brokers Book More Loads Faster

Many of our customers turn to Parade to have access to the Parade features that help them move freight faster. The platform automates many of the time-intensive manual processes that reps unequivocally spent most of their working hours on before technology stepped in.

Parade brokers can expect to see a 30% increase in loads booked on average, with upwards of 10% of that freight being booked digitally. These increases occur because reps can spend less time on each load so they can book more loads in the time they’re allotted.

Interested in learning more about how Parade can make your freight brokerage more competitive? Reach out to our team to set up a free Parade demo.

Book 30% more freight.

You can save 30% with Parade.



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