Cascade: Automated Freight Routing on Each Lane



Nov 2, 2022

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What Is Cascade?

Cascade is Parade’s unique take on waterfall tendering. 

By enabling you to rank carriers or carrier groups on different lanes using a tier system, your top-tier carrier(s) are the first to be notified of load offers. If they don’t accept a load, the next carrier or carrier group (tier) in the Cascade gets the load offer. 

Each tier in a Cascade is uniquely designed to enable you to put multiple carriers in the same tier, reward different tiers of carriers with custom rates, and award top carriers with selective, timed access to your freight. 

What makes this product even better? Seconds after your load comes into Parade, Cascade’s routing guide is executed automatically and instantaneously without any additional work from your team.

What Benefits Do I Get From Using Cascade?

  • Drive more automation – put dedicated, contract, or project-based freight on autopilot. As long as you have a little bit of lead time, use Cascade to catalyze no-touch procurements and give your team more time back to focus on growing your business 

  • Improve carrier relationships – reward your top-ranked carriers with broad and consistent access to dedicated freight that they love. With Cascade, you can offer custom rates to your top-ranked carriers and give them selective access to book your freight before it is shared with your broader in-network carriers and loadboards. 

  • Upgrade shipper experience –  if your shipper has complex accessorial needs, a difficult-to-navigate facility, or specific loading instructions, ensure that you’re sending the same, high-quality carriers to your shipper’s facilities. With Cascade, you can match, select, and rank the right carriers for the job

  • Be in charge of contractual commitments – effectively manage volume and price commitments with your top carriers, see how much volume carriers are doing for you on a lane, and evaluate load acceptance rates on a per-carrier basis to inform future strategy 

How Does It Work?

To start using Cascade, you’ll first need to add a lane. To do that, enter the origin, destination, and equipment type. From there,  add your first Cascade. Add the load attributes so the system knows which loads to send through the Cascade and then add carrier tiers. You can customize pricing and exclusivity periods for each tier. Then, you simply activate the Cascade, sit back, and watch Parade work its magic!

Learn more about Cascade in the all new Capacity Management plus plan.  Or, request a demo.

How Will You Know Cascade Is Working?

This tool includes several new reporting functions so customers can assess how their Cascade strategy is working out for them. Cascade reporting includes carrier volume on a Cascade, time to get loads covered once they enter Cascade, how often Cacades aren’t working to get loads covered, the team members who are creating Cascades, and how Cascades are influencing your bottom line.


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