Customer Spotlight: Concept Logistics



Jul 4, 2022

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The Buffalo, NY-based non-asset freight brokerage does a healthy trade in truckload freight, but that’s not all they do. Over the past several years, the company has been developing its book of business in LTL, warehousing, international forwarding, and the option of a single source partnership to provide customers with managed transportation services.

Despite all that experience, the team at Concept is evolving right along with the industry. They’re embracing digital booking and quoting tools and automation, staying ahead of the curve in the industry to offer their shippers and carriers alike a top-tier experience backed by some of the best technology the freight industry has to offer.

They’re Backed by the Top-Tier Technology

Concept’s tech stack is cutting-edge, with systems like Tai TMS and Parade playing a starring role in their processes and their success.

Customers that do a large volume of business with Concept may have the option to utilize the brokerage’s TMS, giving those shippers better visibility and all the power that comes with it.

The technology that Concept uses helps them to be more flexible and to pivot with the market and their customers’ and carriers’ needs. They’ve developed a truckload solution that leverages their tech and experience alike to provide each customer with a customized experience that delivers results.

Concept Logistics Uses Knowledge to Empower Their Customers

Though Concept offers managed transportation that provides customers with a team of their very own to serve as an outsourced transportation department, they also believe in empowering their customers by offering information, market updates, and news so their shippers and carriers can stay up to date on happenings within the company.

It All Comes Down to Results

The processes Concept Logistics employs do more than get freight from point A to point B on schedule; they also offer real results. Their combination of experience and their willingness to embrace the freight market of the future means that they can offer customers savings on transportation costs, analytics that provide visibility, stronger carrier networks that result in both savings and improved level of service, and access to technology.

You can find Concept Logistics on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or on their website, Want to learn more about their journey with Parade? Be on the lookout for the case study we conducted with Concept and Tai TMS.

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