How Does Parade Get Loads in Front of Carriers?



Jun 22, 2022

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Smart Rules Help You Use Your Network Better

Parade brokers can set their own Smart Rules to help the system match loads to carriers based on their preferences. These Smart Rules might include lane preferences, regular truck availability for a given carrier, and equipment types that carriers use.

Using Smart Rules and capacity data gathered from many sources like truck availability postings on load boards, emails, integrated TMS programs, and others, Parade makes ranked recommendations on the ideal carrier to cover a specific load. The system has ascertained that the carrier likely has the right truck in the right place at the right time.

From there, carrier outreach can be automated on an individual load, or the broker rep can pick up the phone or send off a quick email.

We Help Customers Build Relationships with Their Capacity Network

When brokers are giving carriers plenty of business, reaching out to them regularly to check up on their capacity (and more personal details, as well), and making it easy for those carriers to book load and send quotes digitally, they’re more likely to build a loyal network of carrier partners.

Parade gives their customers all those things. It makes carrier reuse simple so it’s easy to use networked carriers more often. Automation frees up time in a sales rep’s day, so they have time to have real conversations with their carrier counterparts. Digital quoting and booking tools are built into Parade, and even when integrations mean those processes can’t be fully automated, it’s just as easy from the carrier side when full integrations aren’t feasible.

Our Syndication Partners Can Help Brokers Find New Capacity

Through our partnerships with syndication services, Parade brokers have access to 99% of all carriers in the market space. Parade customers can post their loads on any or all our partners’ load boards to give them access to an enormous capacity pool.

When a carrier reaches out to you about a load posted through Parade with one of our syndication partners, the Parade system begins collecting capacity data on that carrier. Carriers who have engaged but haven’t hauled a load for you yet can still be found in the system, though they’ll be differentiated from in-network carriers.

Quotes and the Book Now Feature are Accessible on Internal and Syndicated Load Boards

Digital quotes and Parade’s digital booking feature, Book Now, can be used on both internal load boards and some of our syndication partners.

Because we pride ourselves on giving our customers flexibility to do business their way, how and where they post their loads and their preferred booking and quoting methods are totally customizable. A broker who is still a little leery of digital booking doesn’t have to use it, but they can still reap many of the other rewards Parade offers.

Parade’s solution offers brokers scalable growth and a positive impact on the bottom line. Want to learn more about how Parade capacity management tools can give you those things? Reach out to our team to learn more.

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