Top 5 Ways Collaborative Tech is Helping Vine Line Logistics Win Big

Case Study


Dec 12, 2023

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When Parade met up for a webinar with Steve Lyons, President and Co-Owner of Vine Line Logistics, and Anthony Ceretelli, Director of Customer Success at Turvo, we had plenty to discuss about Vine Line's broker operations, and how technology has made all the difference at Vine Line in terms of operational efficiency, relationships, and the bottom line.

Below we have highlighted the five ways that Vine Line is winning by combining complementary, well-integrated technology solutions, particularly their TMS, Turvo, and capacity management solution, Parade.

1. Speeds up operational tasks 

Parade and Turvo automate and simplify many of the operational tasks that used to take a lot of time and effort for brokers. For example, Parade allows brokers to create and update carrier profiles, which capture the carriers' preferences, lanes, equipment, rates, and availability. Parade then uses this data to match carriers with loads that fit their criteria, and send them personalized load offers via email, SMS, or a private load board. Carriers can also book loads directly via Parade’s digital booking feature.

Once a load is booked, Turvo handles the execution and collaboration aspects of the shipment. Because Turvo connects all the stakeholders involved in a shipment, including brokers, shippers, carriers, drivers, and warehouse operators, it allows them to share real-time information, documents, and updates on a single interface, eliminating the need for multiple systems, emails, phone calls, and faxes. Turvo also provides tools for tracking, communication, invoicing, and payment.

The combination of Parade and Turvo carries a load through the entire load cycle, automating repetitive tasks to streamline operations, accelerate smart decision-making, and ultimately improve the bottom line.


2. Gives reps time to focus on relationships 

Despite technological advancements, every participant in the webinar maintained that personal connections are here to stay in the transportation industry. By automating and streamlining the operational tasks, Parade and Turvo free up time for brokers to focus on the most important aspect of their business: relationships.

With Parade and Turvo, brokers can spend more time building trust and rapport with their customers and carriers rather than chasing down information or troubleshooting issues. They can also use the data and insights from the platforms to provide more value and service to their partners, such as identifying their strengths, preferences, and pain points, and offering solutions that meet their needs. 

For example, Parade allows brokers to monitor and measure their carrier reuse, which is a key indicator of carrier satisfaction and loyalty. By increasing their carrier reuse, brokers can reduce their dependence on load boards, lower their onboarding costs, and improve their margins. Parade also helps brokers segment and target their carriers based on their behavior, performance, and capacity, enabling brokers to engage carriers with relevant and timely messages.

Similarly, Turvo helps brokers to enhance their customer experience by providing them with a portal where they can access their shipment information, documentation, tracking, and billing in one place. Turvo also enables brokers to share a shipment link with their customers, which gives them real-time visibility and updates on their freight, without having to log in or download an app.


3. Eliminates fragmented data 

Parade and Turvo eliminate the fragmentation and silos of data that often plague the freight industry. Instead of having data scattered across different systems, spreadsheets, emails, and notes, brokers can have all their data centralized and integrated in one platform. This makes it easier to access, analyze, and act on the data, and to share it with their partners. It also reduces the errors, inconsistencies, and redundancies that can result from manual data entry and duplication.

Parade and Turvo have a seamless integration that allows data to flow smoothly between the two platforms. When a load is created in Turvo, it automatically pushes to Parade, where it can be matched and offered to carriers. When a carrier books a load in Parade, it automatically updates in Turvo, where it can be executed and collaborated on. This way, brokers don't have to switch between screens or re-enter data, and they can have a single source of truth for their shipments.

Having centralized and integrated data also enables brokers to leverage the power of analytics and reporting. Parade and Turvo provide brokers with dashboards and metrics that help them track and measure their performance, efficiency, and profitability. They can also use the data to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement and growth.


4. Streamlines operations for carriers and shippers

Parade and Turvo also help carriers and shippers to streamline their operations and benefit from the same features and functionalities that brokers do, such as automation, collaboration, visibility, and analytics. This creates a win-win situation for all parties involved and enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain.

For carriers, Parade and Turvo offer a convenient and modern way to find and book loads and to execute and manage shipments. With Parade, carriers can receive personalized load offers that match their preferences and availability, and they can book loads with one click without having to negotiate or wait for confirmation. With Turvo, carriers can access all the information and documents they need for a shipment, and they can communicate and update the broker and the shipper on the same platform.

For shippers, Parade and Turvo offer a reliable and transparent way to move and track their freight and collaborate and communicate with their brokers and carriers. With Parade, shippers can rest assured that their loads are being offered to the best carriers in the network and that their rates are competitive and fair. With Turvo, shippers can have real-time visibility and updates on their shipments, and they can access their documents and invoices in one place. They can also communicate and share feedback with their brokers and carriers on the same platform.

When Parade and Turvo make life easier for carriers and shippers, it enhances relationships on both ends for brokerages. Happier shippers are an opportunity to earn more business and gain referrals, while happier carriers open up a broker’s potential pool of capacity and improve rates offered.

5. Helps brokers identify strengths to better serve customers and sell better 

Parade and Turvo help brokers to identify their strengths and leverage them to better serve their customers and sell better. By using the data and analytics from the platforms, brokers can understand which lanes are their forte and where they have opportunities to build their network and win more business. They can use this information to differentiate themselves from their competitors and showcase their value proposition. They can also use the data to create and execute effective sales and marketing strategies, and to target and attract new customers and carriers.

The information gained here helps brokers throughout the freight cycle, as well. It allows them to better serve their current customers, strengthen ties to carriers through great communication, personalized interactions, and carrier reuse, and helps them make confident decisions. Data from Parade and Turvo helps brokers make sure they’re winning, their customers are winning, and their carriers are winning.

Want to learn more about the integration between Parade and Turvo? Watch the full webinar here.

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