3 Ways Brokers Can Use Parade to Dazzle Their Shippers



Jul 21, 2023

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We spend a lot of time talking about how Parade helps freight brokers build their businesses, and even how capacity management serves Parade brokers’ carrier networks. But when freight brokers use Parade, their shippers win, too.

Here are the top three ways that brokers can use Parade to help their shippers win and therefore win over more shippers. In a soft freight market, every little thing brokers can do to get and keep shippers on their side is a step towards thriving in hard times.


How Can Parade Help Brokers Win Over Shippers?

1. Parade Allows You to Offer Shippers More Competitive Pricing

Collecting digital quotes and digital bookings from carriers at scale helps brokers offer shippers more competitive pricing. When brokers offer digital booking, the most productive strategy is to offer carriers loads below the usual market rate. Brokers are able to obtain below-market pricing thanks to Parade’s ability to help them re-use carriers because carriers who are getting regular business are more likely to bend on pricing. When brokers are paying less for loads, they can pass those savings onto their shippers.

Taking competitive pricing to the next level, Parade’s Capacity Management Plus premium subscription gives brokers access to our intelligent pricing tool called Advantage. Advantage combines the most up-to-date market data with a broker’s unique relational capacity data to help them find the best price for each load, taking advantage of their relational edge factoring in carrier relationships on the market (i.e., when brokers have lots of capacity for a lane, they are likely to be able to get a load booked at below market value).

Parade’s latest new feature release means that not only can brokers offer better pricing to their shippers, but also offer faster pricing. Our batch rating feature means brokers can price hundreds or even thousands of lanes at the same time. This feature is ideal when a shipper sends a list of several loads that they need quotes on. It’s also great for preparing RFPs.


2. Reliable Capacity Means Reliable Coverage 

When brokers use Parade, they have access to a broader, deeper network of capacity through Parade’s integrations with leading syndication services and capacity networks. Shippers whose brokers are using Parade can rest assured that the right capacity for each load is out there and it will be found.

By boosting carrier reuse, Parade can also help brokers ensure their shippers are getting carriers they like to work with. These carriers are likely familiar with the shipper’s yard and procedures. Re-use carriers are also likely already leveraging standard processes like tracking tools and payments to help streamline the transportation cycle for everyone involved.

Parade also helps brokers offer their shippers more reliable capacity by showing right out in front whether carriers are qualified to take a load. By partnering with carrier onboarding and compliance tools like RMIS and MyCarrierPackets, Parade enables brokers to ensure their shippers are getting the best of the best when it comes to carriers.


3. Parade Helps Brokers Build Stronger Relationships with Shippers

Relationships are the backbone of the freight industry. Despite the technology that helps facilitate a more streamlined, efficient freight cycle in today’s modern era, those relationships are still a critical part of success in every segment of the freight industry. Parade helps brokers expand their book of business with a shipper by making it easier to identify which lanes can be supported for that shipper.

Parade helps brokers build better, mutually advantageous relationships with their shippers in several ways. For starters, the first two points in this article help improve relationships with shippers. When brokers can do better by their shippers, shippers are more likely to want to form strong relationships.

 But those aren’t the only ways Parade can help brokers build better relationships with shippers. Here are some other ways Parade facilitates strong shipper relationships:

  • Reps with more time on their hands thanks to Parade automation have more time to provide superior customer service for shippers.

  • Parade helps brokers optimize the carriers assigned to shippers, factoring in repeatability, SLA’s to ensure superior service.

  • Parade’s expanded capacity allows brokers to take on more volume for shippers to help streamline the shippers’ operations.

  • Parade fights back against freight fraud so shippers’ loads stay safer.


Want to learn more about how Parade capacity management is about more than just carriers? Reach out to our team for a demo.

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