4 Ways Parade Helps Brokers Leverage Their Network of Trusted Carriers



Feb 20, 2024

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Using a network of trusted carriers is a great way for freight brokerages to not only improve the level of service that they offer their customers but also to give their bottom line a boost. One-and-done carriers can cost brokers in terms of time and money, so Parade helps brokers use the carriers they have already built trust with more often.

Here are some of the ways Parade helps brokers leverage their network of trusted carriers.

Parade Helps Brokers Reuse Carriers

One of the Parade functions our customers commonly turn to us for is carrier reuse. Parade makes it easier for brokers to reuse carriers. It does this in several different ways, including:

  • Prioritizing repeat carriers when searching for available trucks

  • Helping brokers build stronger relationships with carriers so they want repeat business

  • Tracking carrier preferences so brokers know which loads are right for the carrier

  • Automated carrier outreach gets the right loads in front of the right carriers

Parade Gives Repeat Carriers Access to a Broker’s Private Load Board

Once you’ve built a rapport with a carrier and they consistently meet your service requirements, you want to make it easy for them to see your loads, so you have access to more of their available capacity. Parade helps brokers get loads in front of their carrier network with a private load board.

Each available load a broker has is posted to their private load board. Network carriers who have access to the load board can then explore available loads on their own terms, send digital quotes, or even book digitally if they’re enabled to do so.

Cascade Helps Brokers Automatically Give Business to Preferred Carriers

Cascade is Parade’s unique take on waterfall tendering, allowing brokers to route freight to their best carriers, ones who are qualified and likely have the capacity to take the load. The best part? Cascade routes freight to your favorite carriers automatically. Once a cascade is engaged for a specific lane, the system sends the load to carriers the broker has deemed the best for the job first with a digital booking price attached so carriers can book without human intervention.

Building cascades that give a broker’s best loads to their best carriers helps not only build stronger carrier relationships but also help them improve margins and the bottom line.

Parade Automation Enhances Communication Rather Than Replaces It

The freight industry is all about people, and new technologies are built to support these people. People want to work with people. While there are plenty of direct communications that can be automated with freight tech, sometimes your carriers just want to speak with a human.

Parade streamlines and enhances communication by automating the transactional parts to ensure they happen quickly, leaving more time for brokers to spend on important conversations. For example, brokers can take time to understand their carriers’ preferences better so they can potentially utilize even more of their capacity.

Interested in learning more about how Parade can help your brokerage build, maintain, and leverage a network of trusted carriers? Watch a demo here or reach out to our sales team here with more questions.

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