Top 5 Ways Parade Helps Brokers Stop Wasting Time Managing Carrier Relationships



Feb 15, 2024

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Stop Wasting Time Finding and Managing Carriers

Parade can help brokers find carriers, skipping past carriers who are unqualified to get to the right ones, saving time, energy, and helping to mitigate risk along the way.

  1. We Keep Unqualified Carriers Out of Sight and Out of Mind

Ever sift through a bunch of carriers or even quotes only to find that most of them aren’t even qualified to run the load? Every broker knows it happens all the time, especially if you or your customers have high standards for the carriers you work with.

With Parade, when you’re looking for carriers with the Source tool, unqualified carriers stay out of sight and out of mind.

  1. FMCSA Data Integration Keeps Qualified Carriers Out Front

Parade is always pushing the envelope to help brokers find the right carriers and stay far away from the wrong ones, both to save time and to mitigate risk. That’s why we recently released a new carrier procurement tool to help Parade brokers rest assured in the fact that they’re seeing qualified carriers based on the latest FMCSA data.

This tool integrates the information found in the FMCSA database directly into Parade, layering it over your carrier network and potential carriers who are not in your network yet to

  1. Brokers See Quotes from Only Qualified Carriers

Have you ever posted a load to a load board and gotten back a billion quotes, most of which are from brand-new carriers, bad carriers, or carriers you can’t work with for one reason or another? Imagine if you didn’t have to look at those quotes at all.

Parade keeps quotes from unqualified carriers out of sight, as well, leaving you only quotes that you can actually use. This stops brokers from wasting time digging into quotes that don’t do them any good.

  1. Smart Lanes Help Brokers Find the Right Carrier for Each Load Faster

Parade Smart Lanes help carrier sales reps set the standards for each load, filtering out the wrong carriers for the job and showing the right ones in a ranked list. Not only that, Smart Lanes enable brokers to get those loads in front of the right carriers automatically with no human intervention at all.

Have carriers in your network that work through load boards exclusively? We’ve got that covered with our integrations with top load boards across the industry. Need to send relevant loads directly to your top carriers? Parade can automate that process, too. These functions reduce the time spent getting loads in front of the right carriers.

  1. Source New Qualified Public Carriers, Find the Right Ones Within Your Network

Parade helps brokers find the right carriers, whether they have available carriers in their network or need to step outside of their network to start a new relationship with a well-qualified carrier. By using AI-powered solutions, brokers can narrow down their search to find the right carriers faster.

With Parade’s capacity partnership network, brokers can find qualified carriers from within their network and outside of it without wading through a sea of unqualified carriers directly in the Parade platform.


Thinking of adding Parade capacity management to your tech stack to help save time, reduce risk, and generate ROI? Reach out to our sales team for a demo here.

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