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5 Benefits Parade’s New Cascade Feature Offers Brokers

What is Cascade and How Does It Benefit Freight Brokers? Cascade is a new Parade feature that allows brokers to set up customized automation to prioritize carrier outreach on specific loads based on the shipper, lane, and equipment type. By setting customized tiers, brokers can offer exclusivity to preferred carriers, giving them access to the loads they like to haul before the general carrier pool. It offers several tangible benefits to brokers, including the following.

6 Compelling Benefits Parade’s New Advantage Product Offers Brokers

Pricing freight accurately is no easy feat. Due to the strength of their carrier relationships and expertise on a lane, brokers often are able to cover loads at rates significantly below the market rate. However, today’s pricing tools don’t always account for those factors, potentially leaving brokers unsure of where they have an advantage or how to bid competitively when they do.

Cascade: Automated Freight Routing on Each Lane

Parade, the industry’s leading capacity management provider, is excited to share with you our latest freight tendering tool - Cascade. Cascade enables you to create and execute automated routing guides on every lane, allowing you to seamlessly extend load offers with custom rates and exclusivity periods for booking.

Win More Bids and Improve Margins with Capacity-Based Pricing

Advantage Helps Brokerage Sales Teams Generate Winning Quotes They Can Trust A broker’s Advantage is the strength of their carrier relationships. Imagine if your sales team understood your capacity network so well that they could say exactly how your brokerage’s costs compared with market rates. Advantage, Parade’s new relationship-based pricing tool, arms brokerage sales teams with exactly this knowledge so they can bid competitively and win more profitable freight.

Parade partners with DAT to launch a capacity-based pricing tool to help brokers win business and improve their margins

Powered by data from DAT, Parade’s Advantage pricing tool helps brokers win profitable bids that reflect their unique position in the market and the strength of their carrier relationships.

Parade Releases New Products to Further Improve Freight Brokerage Efficiency and the Bottom Line

San Francisco, CA — November 1, 2022 — Parade, the leader in capacity management software for freight brokers, announces the release of two new products that enable freight brokers to manage dedicated capacity with an intelligent waterfall tendering engine called “Cascade” and a capacity-based pricing engine called “Advantage”. Parade’s new product launch is accompanied by an update for all existing Parade customers to a new version of its web-based capacity workbench that further streamlines managing carrier relationships and covering loads.

Why Do Carrier Relationships Matter?

We talk a lot about how Parade capacity management can help brokers improve and elevate their carrier relationships, but what’s so important about those carrier relationships? In this article, we'll explore why carrier relationships matter and what constitutes a good carrier relationship.

Greenbush Logistics is Using Technology to Find New Trucking Capacity

Abbeville, AL-based Greenbush Logistics isn’t your typical Parade brokerage customer. They are their own largest shipper, and they offer 3PL services, as well. Business was good, but their leadership team knew that bringing in new technology would help them manage the challenges they still faced and empower their team to get even better.

Parade Attends 2022 TIA 3PL Technovations Conference

Parade is excited to announce that our team will be attending TIA’s 2022 Technovations Conference. We hope to see you there!